Data Consulting Services

DataChameleon with over 20 years experience specialising in data solutions, offer bespoke business outcomes in data architecture, data warehousing, business intelligence and reporting, as well as business analytics and advanced analytics.

Our method is to adapt to your organisation's technology and processes with our flare and data expertise. Our aim is to accelerate your business outcomes using data. We design and engineer a solution with your data sources, storage and processing all the way through to how data is consumed and adopted.

Our Services

Consultation & Advice

We offer our expertise and get an understanding of your problems and business goals. We design and build bespoke data solutions, like data integration and architecture to meet the needs of your business operations, with scale and efficiency in mind.

Data Storage

The first step of the data analytics journey is where to store your data. Many solutions are available on the market and at DataChameleon we can find the right solution that matches your needs. Are you looking for performance? high availability? advanced security? or all of the above? Our experts will propose the solution according to your needs.

Solution Design & Delivery

We work with you to design and develop a working solution. We offer Proof of Concepts (inquire with us) to take you to a minimum viable product (MVP) quickly. We want you to have get value in the shortest amount of time.

Data Import & Integration

We recommend KNIME for data development, its an industry leading platform. We use it to build all your data needs 



KNIME is easy to use and powerful. It can connect to any data source you have (such as APIs) and it can seem like magic how much it can do for you. KNIME is a complete package with simple aggregation tools to machine learning and AI. Best of all.. it's free!! 

Contact us for a free (no obligation) demo.

Training & Adoption

A key success of change is adoption, from new processes to new tools. We support your changes with training and data change management to keep your team engaged and on board in the journey your are taking.

Data Analytics & Visualisation

Data visualisation is often the fun and sexy part of the data journey. At Data Chameleon we have experts with over 10 years experience on Tableau, QlikView, QlikSense and PowerBI. Each tool achieve the same goal but they can't be implemented the same way. At Data Chameleon we will adapt to your environment to provide the best visual analytics.

FREE! KNIME User Training

DataChameleon and KNIME 

is excited to offer free KNIME User Training over two half day sessions

Event details:​

KNIME Beginner Training

Date: 6 June 2019

Time: Morning (9:30-12:30pm)

OR Afternoon (1:30-4:30pm)

Venue: Sydney CBD

Cost: FREE

Please reply to with your preference to either the morning or afternoon session

Danny, DataChameleon


Want to know more?

At DataChameleon we are passionate about data and about bringing success to your business with it. We want to super charge the intelligence of your business, with our expertise and your data. If you want to know more about how we do that, send us a quick chat message or drop us an email with your contacts below.