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KNIME is the leading open source data analysis platform that gives you the ability to explore, manipulate and analyse large amounts of data with a high degree of ease and accuracy.

KNIME Analytics Platform is a powerful, open source data analytics software designed by KNIME.com AG for data scientists. It’s an enterprise-grade solution that is easy to implement, simple to scale, and intuitive to learn. The program leverages the power of Eclipse platform and a bundle of other robust extensions for data mining and machine learning to help users discover the potential of hidden data, mine fresh insights, and accurately predict new rules.

KNIME Analytic platform is an ideal toolbox for the analytically-minded professional thanks to its 2000+ modules, a wide range of integrated tools, ready-to-run examples, and a comprehensive set of advanced algorithms. The platform adopts a modular data pipelining concept and uses Java Database Connectivity, and offers an intuitive graphical user interface to make it easy to assemble nodes that connect different data sources. Some of its main features include data blending, workflow difference, powerful analytics, big data extensions, and meta node linking.

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